A conversation I had during the 2017 Summer inspired me to try and paint “my feelings.” During this time I was dealing with various sorrowful feelings and was trying to deal with them in positive ways. I thought that two darker colors would best illustrate these feelings. I chose Red and Black. The red represented passion, fear and anger. The black represented the emptiness and depth of these emotions.

It had been a while since I had done a Drip painting and I felt that the mixing of colors and splattering of paint would be a good/positive way to meditate on my feelings and let them go through the painting process. So I leaned a piece of wood and scaffolding together, hung a tube from it, then began the inward journey.

This painting experience was helpful, fun and empowering. Painting emotions requires confronting what you are feeling, going deep within to uncover and cleanse yourself of emotions that do not serve your best interest.

Here are a few photos from that summer day. The pictures were taken by photographer extraordinaire Charlotte Blom as she relaxed with tea and a book.

me painting1

me paiting2

me painting3

black and red drip painting



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