Upside Down

You know the road to Heaven
Ain’t far from the road to Hell
Most time they travel side by side
But bad can do right
And good can lose sight
You know the world spins upside down for a while

You know I’ve made
My share of mistakes
Because some habits are hard to break
But life is a thin line
You can lose all you find
And the truth can’t always set you free

But if your faith is so strong
Why is it almost gone
Love and death are never far away
Some things you can’t let go
Some things you’ll never know
It all depends how far you fall

But every day is like
Some kind of disguise
And you never have the time to make things right
But there’s a dream I can’t explain
About how nothing has changed
And I never broke your heart

Performed and Written by Ryan Hughes. Video by Charlotte Blom


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