Couple Collaboration

In the past I’ve painted compulsively and with a passion that bordered crazy. I would put colors together and see what happened. I would throw, drip, and pour paint with no clue to what I was doing or why, only having a deep need for color.

After a while of study and experimentation I started to develop my own style of making art. I learned ways  of “controlling” paint, but also letting it flow wild. I would do this through meditating on the colors and trying to become them. I would watch paint flow and splatter and try to learn what I could about the life of paint and color.   The way color blasts off a canvas and catches the eye. The way a “mess” of paint can look beautiful continues to fascinate me.

Only recently (within the past couple years) did I realize that I was using Art as therapy. I wasn’t just obsessively painting, but occupying my time with a healthy activity. Painting helped me learn about meditation, hard work and problem solving though again I didn’t realize it at the time.

I didn’t come to these conclusions alone. My girlfriend, companion, and collaborator Charlotte Blom helped me realize and  begin to understand a lot about life, art and color. She is an amazing artist, photographer and writer. Somewhere along the way, one of us had the idea (probably Charlotte) to draw/ paint something together.

I had never really shared a canvas before and was a little nervous, but had a good feeling that we would make something cool. We began in a modest way, each taking a turn back and forth, careful not to step on each others lines. We would discuss a little as we went along but mostly went by the rule: “if its your turn do what you want.”

By now, we’ve erased each others parts, drawn over each others lines and pretty much tested our nerve and patience with each other, all in the loving manner that making art together provides. Making art brings us closer and can help us move through life problems we might be having. It’s a good, healthy, thought provoking activity for anyone at any age.

We’ve collaborated on a couple dozen drawings by now and each one has a life of its own. Charlotte even posted on her blog some of our work together and started an Instagram page to share our collabs and solo art. Today I’m sharing our two newest drawings. We made these fairly quickly with colored pencil and both within a couple days of each other.

collab 2 fin
Looked like an alien face (to us) at one point, now I think its symbol worship of some sort
collab 1 fin
This one started with me drawing straight lines and Charlotte drawing the swirls. It evolved into a world of its own.

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