Needing Art

A phase I go through with colored pencil drawings is not wanting to make them anymore. At times I feel like my drawings aren’t any good and I obsess over ideas about how I’ll never make another drawing again and only paint abstracts. This happens when an overflow of stress bleeds into the creative corners of my mind. I’ll go a few days or a few weeks without drawing anything, feeling okay about my decision to allow my occasional depression to control my creativity, then I eventually realize(again) that this thinking is irrational and making art(drawings paintings, or writings) isn’t something I can just turn off and go without. I need art to help my soul grow. I need art to feel okay in an absurd world. I need art to show me new ideas and help me see a life path more clearly. I need art even though at times I don’t feel like making it.
All that being said, here are two newer drawings that came in a fruitful period of not being able to put down the paper and colored pencils.

new drawing
Web Division
two flames drawing
Two Flames

2 thoughts on “Needing Art

  1. I go through the exact same thing. Sometimes I go for probably years without much drawing. Right now I actually am in a drawing mood, but I’m doing a series on symbols, which are easier to draw in some ways, but some can be deceptively hard, even though they look simple.

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