Breaking Cycles With Art Therapy

The human brain is used to recognizing patterns. So much so, that any ole thought can fascinate us, drive us to achieve, or even destroy us. Without some discipline and learning to control our thoughts, we can end up in some negative thought patterns that send us to some low places.

One of the ways I have learned to negotiate through thought patterns is to make art or write songs. When I get an idea for a song ( I don’t know where the ideas come from) I’m creating a puzzle for myself. A thought pattern that eventually has a solution and resolution.

Same idea with paintings or drawings. I’m in control of what goes on the canvas or page. When I’m really in the zone, I’m not thinking at all. I’m in the flow of it all, part of a happening.

Focusing on art creates positive change but sometimes frustration can set in when I focus too much on one particular song or artwork. It’s like I can visualize a finished work, but just can’t “see” how all the pieces fit together just yet.
That’s when its time to step away and breathe, eat a snack, read a book, watch a nature documentary, something positive to help train the mind to not get stuck in loops that lead to nowhere.

Some other tools to help deal with negativity are getting out into nature (trees, rivers, wildlife) meditation, nose-breathing (steady breaths through the nose are great), getting sunlight, walking/exercise, and yoga.

Staying positive is a big part of it all too, but even typing those words feels very foreign to me, but I think my mind is slowly letting go of the negative grasp it once had on my outlook and perception of reality. Negativity is being replaced with light, color, imagination and curiosity.

sasasa drawing
Colored pencil and marker drawing by RH, July 2018

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