Art Meditation

Be still the mind. Beat slow the heart. Taking in all the sights and colors, letting light manifest through material. When making art is thought of in that way, then its almost not painting at all, but a free flowing happening. These kind of happenings are what interest me most. To totally turn off the mind and become present to everything around you. That is maybe the truest kind of art that our spirits can attain.

Meditation through art is important because it helps balance ideas, thoughts and perceptions. Art meditation also keeps our imagination strong, helps us learn problem solving skills and helps us see outside of the box that society puts us in.

Sometimes when I make art its not because I have a drive to express myself. Sometimes I use art making as a tool to balance emotions. Looking at art or making art is a way for me to settle my mind. So a lot of the art I make comes from a place of emotional and psychological distress.

When I was more angry I would throw paint onto the canvas. Basically I used every method except a brush. I couldn’t totally control how the paint flew through the air or how it splattered on the canvas but I still felt like I was gaining control of my emotions and learning to become at ease with my spirit.

Over the years, making art has become a great friend to me and I’m not sure I would be able to stop at this point, but I do go through periods of not drawing or painting at all. To deal with stress in those times I play/practice guitar, write songs, read or take walks. A balanced combination of art, music and exercise can go a long way in helping the overall condition of mind, body and spirit.

“Let the river flow, it will become you.” -RH





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