Art Museum Sunset

This past weekend Charlotte and I drove to the coast and spent the day visiting the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi, MS. A warm sunny day highlighted our Saturday adventure.

The museum was designed by famed architect Frank O. Gehry and stands out in a fantastic way among the live oaks in the small beach town. To me, the museum is like getting a glimpse of some sort of future civilization.

george o'hr 091518- CBlom- iphone4
Photo by Charlotte Blom Biloxi, MS. (9/15/18)

Learning about and seeing the work of the mad potter George Ohr was amazing. It was fun to wonder about his process for making pottery since every piece he shaped was different. It seems he was an eccentric in the best of ways. A free spirit for sure.

Ohr once said, “I am the apostle of individuality, the brother of the human race, but I must be myself and I want every vase of mine to be itself.”

The museum (or campus) property contains the Pleasant Reed House, which was closed when we went, but the history is fascinating. A lot of the trees in the area are so aged that if  you commune with them long enough distant voices and spirits can be imagined.

We discovered, for ourselves, the Mississippi artist Dusti Bonge. Her story and style were very original. The house (museum) is small, but capable of showing her wide range of paintings and watercolors.  We spent most of our time there talking with the curator of the show and flipping through art/poetry/photography books by Dusti and her family.

Tie me loose
Tie me loose
Tie me
Tie me
Tie me loose
(Dusti Bonge)

We were delighted to find that the museum is currently showing so many distinctly original artists. Also on display were:

George Rodrigue (Rodrigue’s Blue Dog: Discovering Late Works on Canvas and Metal.) I thought of the blue dog as a long lost friend from a dream peering at me from his heavenly canvas.

Clifton Webb (Icons: The Sacred Muse by Clifton Webb). I was struck by how Webb’s muse was the female torso, but also included industrial or mechanical themes.

The campus also contains a studio for classes and workshops that include many forms of art, but mainly focus on ceramic art.

On our way out we stopped on the beach to enjoy the sand, water, evening breeze and sunset. It was nice to spend the day enjoying pottery, sculptor, paintings and nature art!

beach 5
Photo by Ryan Hughes Biloxi, MS. (9/15/18)

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