Negative Art

I have a deep fascination with the sun, sky and clouds. The way they interact to create our environment turns my wheels of wonder. One day in 2015 I was experimenting with effects on my fancy flip phone when I found a ‘negative’ setting. I took a sun photo and the bright light turned black and gave the image an almost apocalyptic feeling.

blackh sun

When I see a ‘dramatic battle scene’ or ‘rockets’ in the clouds I have to take a picture, but for a while there I took a negative photo of it as well. This was a drive I don’t totally understand, but the bond between light and dark inspired me to take negative images of my drawings and paintings as well.

Some of them fell flat and others would “explode” in ways I didn’t understand so I began to think about how light and dark contrast each other. Do they work together? I became a very amateur scholar of physics, philosophy,  psychedelics and religion. I absorbed as much as I could then made these drawings in attempts to interact with darkness inside the light.

blackhole tree22222
Black Hole Tree
Planet Flower
heart nest
Heart Cage

Within the next year I was reading about self and semiotics in the book, ‘Lost in the Cosmos’ by Walker Percy. The image of a black sun and pyramid kept coming to me. Over the next few weeks I filtered all my ideas and dreams into a drawing, then took a negative photo. Then after a few more weeks of thinking and procrastinating I produced a painting.

eye sun bandw
Eye Sun
Darkness Prism






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