Concrete Flower

The city sites were silenced by the sound of construction work.
Always building- expanding, replacing.
Never able to really see anything because everyone works so hard to
cover up the sun.

The people are pondering their place within the sounds of the city.
“I keep having this dream,” they say. “In the dream I’m waking up and there is no noise, no people. I’m in the middle of the city, its holding me in its cracked concrete and silence is all around. I grow up like a flower through the busted streets knowing I won’t be cut down.”

Some of us are like concrete- stiff and unable to give. And some of us are like flowers- we grow strong in spite of all the concrete that surrounds us.
It takes will power and courage to let yourself be vulnerable and give up control. But with time and faith the mind will expand and break open to reveal the garden within.


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