I am an abstract painter and songwriter from South Mississippi, USA. I enjoy art and music of all styles and cultures. The art I make comes mainly from my own dreams and subconscious. I try not to project ideas onto my paintings while making them, letting the experience itself shape the form. Art helps me with mood management, life enjoyment and anger release.

Hearing and feeling the blues as a teenager was like discovering the wind: Learning how a breeze can be pleasantly cool then swiftly turn into a raging storm.  The music I write is in the Folk/ Blues tradition because that’s what calls to me.  The hard time music of blues, the ballads of folk, even the spiritual fervor of a good gospel song can take me to places in my mind that are always new, but also comforting, like a warm memory.

I’ve been writing songs for over ten years and also the occasional short story or article. I enjoy researching art, music, philosophy, nature, science, religion, psychology and semiotics- among other things. One goal I have is to write about these subjects so “I” can better understand my place in this body we call human and in this reality we call universe.